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Portrait Rebecca Martino

The image that clothing conveys, the creative possibilities it offers and the way it highlights the silhouette, nourishes my inspiration.

Since my childhood, my attraction to the representation of women has led me towards an educational path combining art and feminine pageantry. After an applied arts baccalaureate and a fashion degree, colorist and computer graphics designer, I applied my graphic and aesthetic skills.

I started as a stylist and communications assistant for the Marseille designer of Zoe la fée for 1 year.


Then for La Redoute for 2 and a half years working first in the style office and then as a stylist assistant for women's brands Atelier-R And R-studio with two distinct universes: city and casual.

In 2017 I had the chance to work for an NGO: PIXAN which works for the reintegration of women from Mayan communities in Guatemala. With these touching women we have created together a capsule collection of clothing and accessories made from weaving with traditional patterns.

Finally, for 2 and a half years I worked for Le temps des cerises for whom I created junior collections. In close collaboration with the men's and women's stylists, I adapted the already existing target to today's teenager always looking for the latest trend.


Today I obtain expertise in textiles. Effective in emergencies, I know how to adapt to the brand's DNA and offer unique and original creations.

Always looking for various artistic projects, I would be delighted to collaborate with you.

Rebecca Martino live sketch
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